Buddy Up!

Buddy Up is a light-hearted, 2-D platformer.

The game begins with the player arriving at the annual monster festival. Every year the monster festival holds a raffle for "The Prize". 

But, The Prize has never been seen before. It is awarded by the "Monster Council", also never seen before. The Prize is kept in the Fair Sky above the Fair Grounds.

In order to collect The Prize, players must enlist the help of their soon-to-be-friends -- allies they meet along their quest.

Buddy Up is my senior thesis, which I am working on with Gloria Wan and Yurie Murayama. We are about halfway through finished. We are aiming to have it polished and ready to go by May. My role on this game is lead coder, lead level designer, and co-game designer.

Currently this game is not available for download, but it will be soon!